Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wizard of OZ Friendship Party

Lindsey from Filth Wizardry Blog, which I follow, made a wonderful post about their Emerald City project and since we also have been bitten by Wizard of OZ bug, I went back to my Blog to revisit my postings from April and discovered that I have never reported on The Wizard of OZ Friendship Party that we had at our house (?!). Where we celebrated friendship, creativity and recycling (we did it on Earth Day).Well, here it is!

Everything was green, and our Emerald City was a huge success!

Upon arrival each guest had to make a Friendship Bracelet out of “real” Emeralds

Special Glasses (here is a pattern)

And a special Friend TOTO (origami project – here is a pattern)

Then they were greeted by the Guardian of the Gates (my dear hubby) who let them start the party.

All kids were facing difficult tasks:

Pass the meadow of Poppies. The rule: the winner is the person who is able to lay still the longest time with eyes shut.

Walk through the dangerous pass (our hallway) filled with snakes and spiders stepping on marked tiles only to the Bad Witch Castle

Shoot the flying Monkeys (magnetic darts game, which I’ve embellished with Monkeys)

and here is my little monkey

Outside we were collecting water to melt The Bad Witch by bringing water in spoon from point A to point B and dropping it to a glass. The winner is the one who collected more waterJ

And we finished our party by making Yellow Brick Road Dangles (here is the idea)

and coloring a rainbow. Here is a free printable page

Each participant received:

Coloring book “The Wizard of OZ”

Rainbow Crayons. Here you can find how to make them

Patterns to make characters from Wizard of OZ using toilet paper cardboard tubes

Lion (Here is a pattern)

Tinman (Here is a pattern)

Scarecrow (Here is a pattern)

And they were keeping everything they made during the party. We had so much fun and on the way to Emerald City new friendships were bornJ


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