Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carry All!

Our project for today called "Carry All" and why not to carry it all when you can.

Materials needed:
Large Cereal Box, old catalogs or magazines with colorful images, ribbon in coordinating colors, glue ( I make my own, but any craft glue will work), hot glue, self adhesive shelf liner to line inside of the bag (optional), drill.

Start by drilling holes in the box for future handles.

Then cut up lots of images from your old catalogs or magazines and glue them to the box covering it completely. Line inside of the box with self adhesive shelf liner (in my case shelf liner looks like wood).
Trim the top of the box on the inside and outside with ribbons and attach the handles. You are done! Fun, fun, fun. This "bag" is so roomy it can fit so much, I think we will take it with us on upcoming trip to the ocean. 5 days till vacation!!!!


  1. I'm thinking I may have to make myself one of these for a new yarn bag!

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