Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration - Ocean Inspired

My daughter turned 3. I like this age a lot! Pretend play, magical transformations, craft projects - sky is the limit, that's why I took this Birthday so serious:) Here is a brief report.
The day before:

We put up the sign and set up a Birthday Presents Station....

Fish cut outs were leading from the bedroom to the presents
Turtle was carrying a case with Magic Shoes
and there was a Mermaid dress (made by Mommy:)) and a crown and everything else what every sea princess needs
In the morning. The gifts were opened in no time and then we were waiting for the guests.....
and they came!
Late afternoon was spent with close friends - splashing in fountains and that was a lot of fun!

and then we had a cake!!!!

What a day and so many memories to share

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