Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Morning Organizing

This morning I got up very early and after reading new postings on my favorite blogs from yesterday with my cup of coffee, I've decided to treat my family to a nice bunch of homemade cookies from scratch..... (Ha ha ha!)

If you ever were baking "from scratch" like me, you know it doesn't take a long time, but it was enough to reorganize my ribbon stash (which I am so embarrassed to show). Here it is.... I know.... :(

but not for long! Cut up cardboard box (do you recognize the box?) into spool type shapes, use two sizes large and small. You've the idea! Use small spools for longer ribbon and use large spools for ribbon that you have in shorter length. Secure the end of ribbon with pins.

Stack them neatly in a container (I am using a packaging box for Maracas from Michaels, that my daughter got for her Birthday)
and ... you are done! The good thing - I've organized my old ribbon stash the bad thing - now I can see that my stash is running low...
Well, cookies on the morning table may do the trick and my family may let me run to the local craft store to get more ribbon:) Looking for coupons already!

Have a nice weekend



  1. You are a genius. And my current hero!

  2. always nice to be able to put the trash to use ... very creative idea and much cheaper than the plastic ones i just shelled out for :)