Monday, July 26, 2010

Piggy Bank Out of Large Soda Bottle

Here is another great project from Disney Family Fun that couldn't resist: Piggy Bank out of large soda bottle.

I think with school starting soon or in some cases already going, Piggy Bank can serve as a great motivational tool:)

You will need a soda bottle, tissue paper ( in my case I've use 1 1/2 sheet), two toilet paper tubes cut in a half for the legs, chenile stem for the tail, button for the nose and two wiggle eyes. Web site suggests to use toilet paper tube for ears as well, but I decided to go with craft felt, Mod Podge to apply a tissue paper and Tacky glue to attach the rest. Very simple! Me like it:)

I will skip a picture of soda bottle:) Here it is after two coats of freshly applied tissue paper:

After it is dried (usually overnight), time to start the assembly line going: glue button as a nose, add wiggly eyes, form and glue down the ears (if you need a pattern that I've created, let me know and I'll send you one). Glue the legs down and a tail. Let it dry, cut out the coin slot using craft knife and you are done! or.... if you are as crazy as me you can take it a step further and have fun with paint:) That's how it looks like when it's all finished

Happy savings!

Note: for more detail, please go to Disney Family fun recycling craft:)


  1. Hi, Sandy thanks for stopping by and saying "hello". I am glad you liked this happy piggy