Thursday, July 22, 2010

Milk Carton Wallet

I am so thrilled to discover may be well known to many but new and exciting for me web site
Disney Family Fun. Their "Craft" section filled with great recyclable projects and they, as you may noticed by now, are my passion lately. I am amazed at how much you can do with things that I have never thought could be reused in such a creative way. Here is one example: Milk Carton Wallet and here is my attempt to do the same:)

Step 1
Get ready. Get a carton you would like to use

Step 2. Cut it open and lay flat

Step 3. Trace the template on the outside using Sharpie and trace all the doted elements on the inside using ballpoint pen to get good imprints on the box

Step 4. Cut out along the traced lines and fold it according to all doted lines

Step 5. Here is your wallet

It works!!!!

Here is a link where you can even watch a video on how to make this:

Think about how much fun would it be for kids: it is perfect to store little treasures,

and how many boxes will be recycled! I think it can make such a cute gift and it could be embellished in so many ways (decoupage is the first thing that comes to my mind)!
Thanks Disney Family Fun!


  1. That is utterly brilliant - maybe not one for me to take to meetings, but I know my 2-year-old son would have a field day with that!

  2. Oh,thanks, Henry!Too bad they don't make those cartons big enough for us to make a brief case out of it:)

  3. That's a cute idea! My son would love to have that. He can carry his gift cards (kids credit cards as he calls them) in there. He is using a mini lunch tin he received from Chuck E Cheese now, lol! Thanks for sharing and joining my swap :)

    QueenQuisa (Swap-bot)

  4. What a neat idea! Thanks for following my blog! I see you used my 'art is a cheep form of therapy' logo. I don't mind except that it connects with my photo album when you click on it. If you would like the jpg version, send me your e-mail addy and I will happily e-mail it to you.

    Sandy :)

  5. It's me again. I received your e-mail and tried sending you the image twice. Both times I got a message saying that it failed. Let me know if you have a different e-mail address or if it was misspelled.

    Sandy xox

  6. omg that is so cute! LOL. it like magically turned into a wallet. o_o

  7. Oh I love that! Will have to see if it works with the type of cartons we get here.

    SB - I'm a Blogger

  8. That is the most creative thing I have seen in a while. Great idea.


  9. Awesomesauce! I may have to buy milk in a carton next time...

    (3stairs visiting from Swap-bot)

  10. Love Love Love your ideas!

    swapbot icalea

  11. Great idea! I'm excited to have been given your blog on swapbot. :)


  12. Hi, Tima. Thanks for stopping by. It should work, because the template is so simple and it's easily could be adjusted

  13. Thanks, Crystal. You made me smile, I love your word "Awesomesauce":)