Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worm Wishes... - New Addition to Softies

I usually make a new toy, when I have enough plastic grocery bags (I use them for stuffing), but since we switched to reusable shopping bags it takes a while now:) I may have to ask my neighbors to help me out and share their recyclables:)

Here is our latest addition to our handmade softies:

It is a girl worm, born last night and very new to this world

and that's what she is wishing for:
to have a name (we are taking votes right now)
to be longer (we are collecting more plastic bags as we speak)
to have a hat (any suggestions are welcome)
to have a friend (ideas on gender, name, occupation)
FYI - the project took 22 plastic bags and 2 sleeves from an old P.J. :)


  1. I love this...So cute and colorful! Looks like an Abby!

  2. Way too cute. I never thought about using bags as stuffing, great way to recycle.