Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cold waters of Monterey

Every vacation is always shorter that you think, isn’t that the truth? But our short trip to California gave me so much energy, memories and pictures that I hope will keep me fully charged for quite some time.

Our first stop was at Marina Del Rey.

We were at this place before but this time we’ve discovered a great service at Marina – it’s called Water Bus, it runs Friday PM through Sunday only, and it cost only $1.00 per person (Can you believe it!!!!!) to any one way destination within Marina. That helped us a lot to explore the territory.

Next stop was Santa Barbara (of course!)

It was a windy day but we still had a chance to enjoy the city, walk along the beach,

enjoy a supper delicious Clam Chowder Soup at Moby Dick and take a ride on my favorite Carousel.

I LOVE Santa Barbara!

On the way to Monterey!

We decided to go to Monterey along the shore line to enjoy the ocean views, but the road was so curvy with million turns and twists and road construction that it took away all the excitement and left us plain tired at the end of the road, the only good thing that we have discovered along the way was Ragged Peak .

I’ve heard about Ragged Peak on Today show and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to stop by and explore it ourselves. That was the best decision!

It is such a beautiful and unexpected oasis with great food, spectacular views and Zen harmony

only two hours away from Monterey.

Monterey, CA

I’ve never been to Monterey before. Santa Barbara was the farthest destination in California that I had a chance to visit and let me tell you, Monterey is so different:

sand dunes,

cold winds,

rough ocean

and unbelievable sunsets

took my breath away. The beach is not as crowded and it gives you a chance to connect with Mother Nature on a new level. I will never forget my long walks along the beach,

cold water under my feet

and coarse sand of Monterey dunes.

Even the ocean wasn’t nice and warm we still had lots to do!

Monterey Marina with Seals bathing on a sun

Monterey Aquarium

Ride on a lake

and fun on a play ground ,

these are just a few activities to name

We also went to Carmel,

and took the famous 17 Mile Drive with one Stop at Pebble Beach Golf Course.

I’ve got an amazing feeling of surreal experience – places that you’ve seen on TV are right in front of you.

You are part of it, you are here!

Ventura, CA

After 3 days we had to say “Good Bye” to Monterey. I couldn’t believe how fast time gone by! Ventura was our next and final stop…

Every hotel we stayed in was located on the beach, Venture wasn’t an exception. After a long ride from Monterey we were very tired

but still decided to pay a visit to the longest pier at Ventura and watch the fishermen and explore their culture.

Everything at that pier designed to accommodate their needs – there are places to clean and cut the fish and even to recycle fishing wires.

Next day in Ventura was more fun, may be because we rested well at nightJ We decided to go to Marina and ended up being a part of Pirates Days in Ventura.

That is so much fun! “Real” Pirates are everywhere! You can see their ships in marina,

you can hear their songs. Too bad we had only few hours to spend their but we managed to get a “real” Pirate’s ice cream,

to eat at the restaurant where Pirates eat,

and have fun with Photo PropsJ

Now we were ready to go home. Thanks to beautiful places in California for this unforgettable trip, but now we couldn’t wait to see our front door and say “Home sweet home!”

Our car became our home on wheels during this vacation

and some things that I’ve made have served us really well: our trusted carry all,


and my Beach Bag

are the winners!

Now, I have to work on all those projects that are on my to do list!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. The beach is so renewing.
    Just wanted to let you know of a way to spread the word about your blog if you are interested:

  2. Thank you M for Short for your comment. We did have a wonderful time, and even this is my longest post of all, it still shows only the tiny bit of our vacation:)

  3. That looks like a fabulous trip. Your little one is adorable.