Friday, July 30, 2010

Fairy Cottage in the Woods

These are our favorite books of all times. Their written by Cicely Mary Barker and full of wonderful pop-up images. If you are familiar with art and books of Cicely, you may know what I mean, but if you are not - please, do yourself a favor and explore magical world of fairies created by this talented woman. We love to read these books in a dark room with a flash light: it makes it very mysterious and magical. All images coming alive and every time we are discovering something new.

Now we have our own Fairy Cottage hidden in the woods :) (I've used old birdhouse, hot glue gun and artificial flowers, or and my new image editing software)

and if you will look closely, you might see fairies living happily in this tiny cottage! Oh, here they are

Happy fairy searching!



  1. Love the fairy cottage! I used to attend this gathering every summer that had an entire section of woods dedicated to the fairies. People would leave fairy statues, beads, flowers, etc. It was such a magical place! Your cottage would have fit right in! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and Wow! That gathering sounds so magically good! Where was it?