Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to build Imaginarium

I call it - Imaginarium, because that's what it is:)
Your child will use her imagination to create a different story every time when using this simple tool.

Materials needed: The bottom of vegetable tray/or any other large tray with multiple dividers,
old magazines, catalogs or calenders with images that will awake imagination,
glue, nail polish to paint dots or any other paint that will work with plastic.

Cut out images and glue them to the bottom of the tray in any order.
Decorate the dividers using nail polish (I did it outside without my child, because of the fumes) or paint. Use your imagination:) That's it!

I've made it yesterday and this morning we already used it to play "Thumbelina Story", we practiced counting different color dots, we played Labyrinth trying to roll a little bead between dividers and now my 3 year old playing with unicorns by herself using Imaginarium for almost 45 minutes, giving me a chance to work on this post. Not too bad for something that cost us NOTHING (oh well, a little imagination, perhaps, but that's it!)

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