Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emerald City Grand Finale

I am so happy to announce that I finally came to the Grand Finale.... Our Wizard of OZ kids party will take place this coming Saturday and I am afraid to say it but I think I am ready.

Recycling was my main idea behind all the craft projects for this party. I have not spent even $1.00. I've used everything I had and I DID IT!

My Check List

1. Emerald City - check!

We went from this

to this

2. Dorothy - check!
You can read more about our Dorothy in my previous blog.

3. Ruby Slippers - check!

I have a tutorial in my previous blog on how to make these

4. Toto, Scarecrow and Lion - check!

Please, you can get a tutorial on how to make these characters also on my blog

5. Tin Man - Check!

6. Good witch - Check!

7. Bad Witch and her Castle - check!

8. Winged Monkeys - Check!

9. Emerald City guards - check!

10. Wizard of Oz himself - check!

That's how it all looks together:)

Well, and the invitation of course, should play a very important part. Our invitation has been done in Photoshop and feature main characters of the party....

Are we ready or what!

I'll post some pictures after the party.


  1. What a labor of love! Clap, clap, clap!

  2. Fabulous! It's so nice to see that our family isn't the only Oz obsessed one around! Going to have to show my kids this and brace myself for the requests to add the witch's castle and flying monkeys to our line up! I love that you obviously are equally into making toys out of the content's of your recycling bin. Thank you for coming over to my place to comment, so that I could come and explore your blog too :)