Friday, April 16, 2010

Birds of New Beginning Project #3

Hi, there.
Yesterday, I've posted my project #2 Crazy Crayons, which was such a break through for me, well I guess I was few years behind. I do connect my Blog to Cut Out and Keep where you can find lots of DIY projects, so when I posted my tutorial on Crazy Crayons I came across few more of the same nature :) One tutorial I liked the most. It's called "Draw rainbows everywhere you go, it only takes one stroke!". So cute!

Today I was working on my project #3. I am going to a Baby Shower tomorrow and I have decided to make something in addition to my main gift. I knew that the baby room decor is all Nature inspired, they are using bedding from Pottery Barn with birds, and I've got an idea to make some birds for Baby Room Decor. I have plenty of Fabric (trust me - I do) and Felt. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete this project and I feel pretty good about the final result. If somebody out there reads this blog, please let me know if you like my "Birds of New Beginning".

I have to get ready for project #4
I already know what it is going to be - I am going to be building an Emerald City from Wizard of OZ for my upcoming kids party. I am pretty nervous - I've never built any Castles before, we'll see.....

I'll be back tomorrow

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