Monday, April 19, 2010

Characters from Wizard of Oz: Toto, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion (DIY project)

OK. Let’s begin. The idea for my characters came from They have great and easy projects for kids and I am going to use their patterns for my DIY project at the party, but meanwhile the idea of using toilet paper roll had triggered my imagination. It’s brilliant!

Toto project:

You’ll need 1/2 toilet paper roll, cardboard, Black felt, wiggle eyes, pink felt for Toto’s nose and leftovers from your craft projects for decorations of Toto’s collarJ and hot glue gun.


Slice toilet paper in half. Cover in Black felt. Cut the shape of Toto’s head out of cardboard, cover in Black Felt.

Glue Wiggle Eyes, nose, collar, tail – you are done!

Scarecrow Project:

You’ll need 1 toilet paper roll, cardboard, 1 chenille stem for hands, wiggle eyes, 4 tiny white pom-poms – 1 for the nose, three other for the hat decoration. Blue felt for the hat and belt, light blue felt for the scarf, red felt for the mouth and wristlets, 1 string of raffia for the hair and small size pom-poms for the buttons and hat decoration. I’ve used old sample of textured wall paper to cover his face and body, but you can use Beige felt or burlap to be even more authentic.


Cover toilet paper roll in material of your choice to create face and body.

Dress up your Scarecrow using hot glue. You are done!

The Cowardly Lion Project:

You’ll need 1 toilet paper roll, cardboard, 2 chenille stem in brown color for hands and hair, 2 wiggle eyes, 3 tiny white pom-poms –for the nose and cheeks. Orange color felt for the body, head, tail and hands; white felt for the chest area.


Cover toilet paper in orange color felt to create body. Glue on white felt for chest area, glue on tail and chenille stems as hands. Cut out circle shape out of cardboard and cover in orange felt. Apply wiggle eyes, nose and cheeks, ears.

Lion’s hair – twist chenille stems to create a flower type pattern. Glue to the head. You are done.

I am providing each character with very detailed pictures. I hope it helps to understand the process even more.

I am working on a Tin Man right now and that is the most difficult character of all. So far three of my fingers burned by hot glue, but…. I am not giving up. I am creating all of it at night and to see my daughter’s reaction in the morning is the best reward.

I will post my other characters hopefully tomorrow…. See you then.

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