Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy Crayons Project # 2

I've seen an episode on Today Show on MSNBC how to make crazy crayons out of old ones. May be some of you already know about this technique, but for me it was a break through and this tutorial for people like me, who had no idea that something like that could be done.

This is a very easy project.
Peel crayons from any paper. Break them into pieces and put them in muffin baking form.

Set your your oven for 300F. Bake your crayons for 10 min until melted.

That's how they looked right out of the oven. I was worried that I've done something wrong because I couldn't see any blended colors. Don't worry they are there:)

Let your crazy crayons cool and when you'll get them out you'll see all crazy colors blended together.
I am having a kids party soon and my theme will be "Wizard of OZ". I thought it could be great to have a competition on who can color the Rainbow first using Crazy Crayons. One rule: all colors on the rainbow have to be in order:)
OK. Time to think about project #3

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