Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emerald City. Recycling Project #4 Part 2

God Bless weekends. I am so excited to finally see my Emerald City completely finished. If I would of worked on this project during a week it would of been for ever but because there was a weekend and my husband was nice enough to take our daughter in the park for few hours I was able to complete my project.

Here is my recipe: a pile of boxes from various foods

Few sheets of Green craft paper, home made glue,

various scraps from your old craft projects and the main ingredient is your imagination:)

You've got it!

My daughter is so excited already, she knows the story of Wizard of OZ and this "real" Emerald City makes it even more believable:)

I was able to find cute idea on how to build characters from Wizard of Oz (that will be my next project) and I am pretty sure that by Saturday, I will have a complete set ready for my kids party. So excited!
Oh, I almost forgot, Birds of Beginning got a very nice respond from Baby Shower attendees and that made me think..... Well, will see.

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