Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap-Bot Adventures continues

Well, my swap-bot adventures are going with a full speed. I am sending a package to my Swedish partner in Swap called "Fall themed Bookmark and a tea bag". I couldn't miss this one, because we study Seasons with my daughter (I have a post coming up on that) and that was such a perfect example of Autumn Season. Our assignment required to buy (that is not an option for me - I have "no money spend" rule) or make (love it!) one bookmark add a tea bag and mail it to an assigned partner. Well, I have so much fun!
I had these beautiful cards with Autumn leaves in my card stash and I've selected one card that had nothing but bright autumn leaves. I've used the front of the card for the bookmark and the back with the same print but smaller for an envelope for a tea bag.

The Bookmark.

I folded the frond of the card in a half. Punched the word "READ"and set the blue background to highlight the letters, then I glued the bookmark together. Then I've outlined the contours of the leaves on the card with Glittering Glue by Martha Steward and sprinkled with Orange Glitter. While the card was drying. I cut out two sets of different sizes Autumn leaves from Craft Felt in orange color. The larger leaf was hand stitched to create the veins. The I punched a hole on the top of the card, then I fed through the ribbon in dark red/brown color and glued the ends of the ribbon inside the large autumn leaf. Set it dry.

The Tea Bag Envelope.



I have traced the shape of the Lipton Teabag 1/4" large on each side to allow for the seams to be glued. Then I've hand stitched the top of the envelope using Craft Thread in Orange color. I've highlighted the shapes of the leaves the same way I did on my bookmark and attached a smaller Felt Orange leaf to a tea bag. I let dry overnight and in the morning I put the whole set together and I was done.

I want this package to be extra special, because I love Autumn and what could be a better way to celebrate it : a good book, a good cup of tea and beautiful Autumn Leaves outside.

My Swap-bot adventures to be continued......



  1. I'm in this swap, too....you've made me want to step up my game...haha! Beautiful job :)

  2. This looks like a really fun swap. The bookmark is really nice. I like the leaf at the end of the bookmark! I think your tea bag envelope is a great idea. I bet your daughter will have fun learning about fall.