Monday, August 23, 2010

Stickers into Paper Dolls -DYI

What do you do with an old book of stickers?

This book served us well during our trip to Monterey, my daughter loves horses and this book was godsend: great stickers of ponies and pages of beautiful sceneries in amazing quality. It kept her busy for hours but now all blank spaces are filled with right images, and there is nothing else to do...

Well, I've decided to extend the life of this book, well at least some parts and pieces will serve us for a bit longer.

I've got some stickers and put them on a cardboard (I've used a sturdy, thick cardboard from a recent packaging that we received, because you may know how kids are playing)

Then, I cut up all the images

and on the back of each cut out shape glued a piece of magnet

(I have a bowl full of mismatch pieces that we received from one of my friends - recycling:)

Because cardboard is very light, I set all ponies on a magnetic board to dry overnight

and in the morning, as soon my daughter got up, our ponies got really busy

They started on a magnetic side of her easel

then they run to the fridge...

Soon after, they've discovered a wonderful meadow (this is a page from the same book,

that I put on a metal message board and used as a background)

where they all played until lunch time.

Something tells me, that tomorrow morning ponies will be very busy again



  1. What a fab idea. I LOVE it. I'm totally going to try this out. Thanks for the idea.

    J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  2. Thanks Jessica and Cameron. Your comments made my day.