Friday, August 27, 2010

Discovering New Blogs - Reviews Part 3

First of all, don't forget about ongoing GIVEAWAY- Lucky Number 7. I just read about Giveaways and how to do them right, well according to the Pros I've done everything wrong, or well - nevertheless. The second one should be better. Now.....

Reviews. I am very happy that I have participated in a Blog Swap and I am very grateful to all those people who signed up, because if it's not for this lucky coincidence I would probably never discovered so many amazing Blogs and Bloggers.

Here is the final group

Stop by Pariah's Blog to get a glimpse on vegan cooking, read about homeschooling and take a pick at Pariah's life style.

Michelle invites to her Blog and all you need to have is a great sense of humor and some knowledge of Spanish.

Crea Bloempje666 (try to say that 3 times:) by Rozemarijn from Netherlands talks about food, cats and SWAPS. Take a look at some of her latest treasures.

Speaking of being busy, my another partner from Swap-bot -Monique has 2 Blogs, 1 magazine and a stream of images on Flickr. Take a look, it will not a waste of time.

"Color me grateful" by Camille. New post with illustrations by this talented young artist

Another touching Blog with a single post "Wishing for a Baby..." by Mindy and her husband. They are looking for private adoption. I wish them the best of luck. Please, stop by to learn more.

Flying without Feathers" by Raye. I think she has a PhD in Swaps. You can learn so much just by stopping by.

"Jilly's Stuff" by Jill is a great Blog that will lead you to the shop owned by this amazing talented Lady. By the way, they are having a sale of 15% off. Prices are great - take a look.

and finally the last but not the least "Thrifty Crafting" by Allison. What a Crafty Mom. Her Blog filled with lovely projects and great tutorials. I am so excited to come across such a treasure.

What a great journey it was. I am so thankful to everyone who decided to participate in this swap and open doors to their amazing Blogs. You've made my life richer.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog and all of your kind words. I am flattered. Your daughter is so sweet with the blue flowers in her hair.

  2. More great info about great people! Thanks :)