Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Discovering New Blogs - Reviews Part 1

I was so naïve, when in my previous post, I said that I set aside an afternoon to indulge new Blogs assigned to me by “Blog me up, Baby”. Boy, was I wrong.

All new participants are so amazing and talented that you don’t want to leave their Blogs until you finished reading their last post. Some Blogs are brand new but nevertheless, they all have a message.

So far, I was able to visit half of my Blogs and the remaining half is on my To-do list.

These are the first five Blogs that I visited and was able to summarize

“Ladies Lunch” a girly girl Magdalena invites you in her fun world to experience things that Ladies like to talk about during their Lunch, you may also find a list of Interesting Blogs or listen to a music mix. Have fun visiting her Blog

“Goody Goody Gumdrops” by Simone showcase her fabulous handmade cards, after reading few posts you feel that you want to start making cards yourself. I absolutely adore one of her cards – It’s a Birthday Card with green turtle. I think it will be great for a Belated Birthday Wish (not that I ever miss someone’s Birthday!)

“The Neat Get Neatter” by Beth, self-admitted “neat freak” and by visiting her Blog you may get few great ideas on how to clean a thing or two, but that’s not it! She is having a GIVEAWAY – to give you a clue-it is something that helps you clean! Hurry! Giveaway ends soon.

“Paint Myself Pretty” by Cameron swept me off my feet – she is amazingly talented and her Blog is an open door to her art studio. Pay her a visit – there will be no disappointment.

“Adventures with Mrs. W” by Mrs.Whiffin. What can I tell you – writing is her natural talent, add a great sense of humor and you have a recipe for success. She is that girlfriend that you want to meet for a cup of coffee and share few good laughs with. By the way, she is a coordinator for this swap-bot adventure that some of us sharing – many thanks to her.


P.S. I am working on my first giveaway - it will take place in a day or so. I am a little bit nervous…..


  1. How utterly sweet of you to do these fun little synopses of our blogs!! I am thrilled and humbled all at the same time....oh, and excited, too...cuz now I can stop by a few of the blogs that you were assigned that I was not :)

    Thanks you so very much!!
    Huge, big smiles :oD

  2. I love blogging and i love these kind of swaps. I'm glad you do too :D

    ElizabethMD from swap bot

  3. Hi, Cameron and Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by