Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoe Lacing - or The Most Simple Toy

We are learning some shoe lacing technique with my 3 year old. May be she is too young to master that skill and besides, all her shoes are having Velcro strips, but nevertheless!
I my mind I've had a design on how the shoe lacing toy should look like with different colors, magazine cut outs and etc. but it never materialized. I guess some things are meant to be simple.

I've started with simple cardboard piece with the size comfortable enough to hold in little hands.

Using simple hole puncher - I've made two rows of holes.

Then I run a long shoe string through to try on and then my daughter took over.

This is her first attempt to do lacing on her own.

It is amazing but this simple toy kept her concentrated for 40 minutes. She was doing it over and over.

By the way, I went on line to look similar toys that are teaching lacing technique and they are all around $14.00. Well, we definitely score - no money spend(again)!



  1. That is super creative I never would have thought to do that..than again thankfully cats do not need shoe lace lessons :)

    ~LadyAmbrosia Swapbot

  2. lol wow. i don't even remember how i learnt to tie my shoelaces. ^_^ i think i learnt it A LOT after 3years old though! I must have been something like 7. hahhaha. *dumb*

    ~followed & commented
    ~mireillie from swapbot (follow me, i'm a blogger)

  3. Thanks Samantha and Ambrosia, you've made my day

  4. Great idea - I always buy a button and laces set for all the small children's birthdays as I think it's fun and educational - but clearly I should just be making these!

    Carrie (kiwifruit83 blog me up baby swap)