Sunday, August 8, 2010

A chance for my Cinderella

Recently I've learned that all those cute dress-up shoes are made only for the girls with narrow feet. What do you do when your feet are not narrow? Do you tell your child that those dress-ups are just silly? Do you teach her to play Dinosaurs and stay away from Princess pretend play? Do you tell her that Princess doesn't need any shoes? or... do you give her a chance? I am a Pro-Chance kind of person.

These shoes came as a Birthday Gift in a set along with Crown, Magic Wand, Beautiful Necklace, set of three rings and a purse. Out of all the pieces in the box, my daughter grabbed her shoes first (she never had a pair of "real" Princess shoes before) just to discover that they don't fit. Can you imagine her disappointment? After discovering that stores couldn't offer me anything different, I've decided to take a closer look and see what could be done.

See the screws on the bottom, what are they for?

Now, I have an idea!

Old Headbands + Narrow Shoes = Recipe for Success

Unscrew 3 out of five screw to open up a bottom (like you see above)

Feed the headband through the bottom opening (making sure you are not blocking the holes for the screws) across twist the headband and feed through the top opening. You are creating - 8 type shape.

Put the crews back. Secure the twist point in the middle with matching color thread

Apply the same embellishments using hot glue and voila- Cinderella is ready to go!

Oh, precious first heels!

They are just perfect:)))

Well, if your girls are lucky and all dress-up shoes fit them well, then for you this is probably the silliest tutorial ever, but if you are a member of our wide-feet club you may find it useful. Who knows!



  1. Darn it, I wish I saw this when my girls were into Cinderella dress up because their feet didn't fit in those shoes either! Too cute! Have a great week!

    Sandy XOX

  2. how adorable! the end result is awesome!

  3. That is a great idea. I bet they are so much more comfortable than the orignals.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by - your comments made my day!