Monday, August 9, 2010

New Craft Tray from an Old Drawer Box

A little while ago, I've had a post about Blog Party called "Where Bloggers Create", I was drooling over some studios and crafty places, but since I am not as lucky and I don't have my personal room dedicated to crafts (at least not right now), I've decided to start small: a Craft Tray, for example:) I used to do my projects in so many different places in the house and it is always a big deal to clean up when project is not completely finished yet. Not any more, now I can put my project away at any time and start right away, when time allows.

Well, here is my little opening story. I am a Kitchen Designer, and in the beginning of my career, many years ago, I've ordered a wrong cabinet as a Sink Base, it came with the drawer :). Well, that problem was fixed very easy, but that drawer was sitting in my garage ever since. I treasure it as a memory of my first learning experience, but now I am going to put that monument to a better use.

This is a 5 minute project.

Drill holes for the handles (rope, in my case).

I wanted my handles to look rustic, to add some personality to a very Blah drawer box, and I have used a very rough rope

Feed the rope through the holes and

tie the knots. Secure them with hot glue (if needed).

That is it!

Not for me though. This craft tray is my practicing arena for a Set of Hot Marks that I've got as a gift last Christmas.

Here is my experiment with hot marks - letters. I decided to try out my favorite phrase by Theodore Roosevelt,

slightly modernized:) - my tribute to texting era, I hope Mr. Roosevelt will excuse some of my abbreviations.

Here it is my personal little island for my Crafty Adventures, but some day I still hope to have my own Craft Room. We have to dream big, right?


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