Thursday, August 26, 2010

Discovering New Blogs - Reviews Part 2

Here are few more Blogs that I was able to visit. I wish I could have 48 hours in a day, because 24 is not working for me anymore.

“ElizebethMD” by Elizabeth. What a gem! Literally, I mean it. She is a very talented jewelry designer and Blogger. After you are done reading her Blog, don’t miss an opportunity to stop by her Etsy Store – I bet you can find something for yourself, or get a great gift for someone special.

“It’s gonna be a lovely day” by Faiza. This is a Blog of happy person who wants to spread her joy. She has lots of interests in life but one thing amazed me the most – her knowledge of a baseball game. You want to have her around when you are betting on baseball in Vegas.

“Ichigo Shortcake” by Mimi. Originally from Thailand she is a fashion student in London. If you want to get a glimpse of the latest and the greatest in fashion, make-up and Mimi’s life pay her a visit and you may become one of her strawberries (??? Find out for yourself what it means)

“Hanging off the wire” by Hayley. Great family of 4 Bears: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and 2 adorable kids. They are trying to Potty Train the oldest Little Bear and have trouble with it (Don’t we all?!) If you know a secret, please share it with Hayley, I know how stressful that time is and it is twice more stressful if you have another 10 month old Little Bear. By the way, she is doing 30 day challenge, which is on my To-Do list for September. Stop by her Blog to learn more.

“Saturday Mornings” by Dana. Listen to her Blog description: “Creations, revamps, handmade gifts on a dime!” Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes! I found my Sister Blog. Same idea, but this gal thinks big. I have to learn from her, because sometimes my little inner voice is stopping me from taking on something huge, but not anymore. Thanks to Dana. Stop by her Blog to see the amazing results of her revamping.

Have a happy Blog discovering day,


  1. Thank you for your sweet plug. So happy that you enjoy my blog! Am following yours now too!

  2. Awww, thanks! Very sweet of you. Glad you like my blog!