Thursday, August 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY - Lucky Number 7

GIVEAWAY is here! It happens sooner than I expected. Everything came together at once and here it is!
When I started my Blog back in April, I had no idea where will it take me. My main goal was to stay busy in bad economy and challenge myself to 365 days 365 D.I.Y projects. I had neither agenda no written plan but what I truly had was the urge to create. "No Money Spend" rule made me look around and rethink my lifestyle. It was hard in the beginning not to rush to my favorite craft store to get a thing or two (God knows how much I love those places). I had to put myself in the box in order to start thinking outside of it. Then I came across Theodor Roosevelt's phrase "Do what you can with what you have where you are" and it instantly became my motto.
I change my habits and as a result I started to change as well. My Blog became my journey to self-discovery. I was able to awake my hidden skills that I had but never had a chance to use and now 70 posts later (which is still a baby age for any Blog) I started to see better where I want to be.

Well, my first GIVEAWAY is my way of saying "Thank you" to all of you. I called it "Lucky Number 7" Why? Because I have 70 posts, I am starting this GIVEAWAY on August 25 (2+5=7) at 7 PM (Mountain Time) and it will end on September 7 at 7 PM. You will have a chance to get 7 entries and I am giving away 7 items. Here they are

2 strings of seashells (36" long each)

1 white flower Brooch (4" )
(this brooch look great clipped to the seashell strings listed above)

1 Blue Flower Barrette (4 ")

1 Pink Flower Barrette (4")

1 Seashell Whistle
(because Bloggers are not afraid to toot their horns)

1 Big (3 oz) Lolly Pop which my daughter decorated with smiley faces
(just because it is something sweet)

Rules to Enter:
Follow my Blog - 2 entries (if you are already on a list of my friends - that's great)
Blog about this GIVEAWAY - 1 entry
Twit about this GIVEAWAY - 1 entry
Tell me, which of the projects on my Blog you like the most and why - 1 entry
Tell me about your "No Money Spend" projects that you find interesting - 2 entries

You have a chance of 7 entries!

The drawer will take place on September 7th at 7 PM. I've decided to do it in old fashion way:
My husband holding a hat full of names and my 3 year old pulling a lucky winner.

Thank you all very much and Good Luck!



  1. I think your idea for a lucky seven giveaway is great. I like how you came up with it. I am a follower because of Swap-bot, but find your blog interesting to read. I enjoy your adventures with your daughter.

    I like all of the giveaway items, but have to laugh at the seashell whistle. I like your reason for giving it away and so I would like that gift!

    As my no money spent projects - I too am making flowers. I have a 19 year old who loves to wear things in her hair. I am getting the fabric for the flowers from old shirts or other pieces of clothing that I have.

    I don't tweet, so I can't post there, but I will blog about you.

  2. Congrats on the milestone! I think I'm only at 56 posts myself....ahh, works in progress are thrilling little adventures!

    I love that Motto! I might have to borrow it :)