Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Celebrating the First Day of Autumn

I've decided to create something special to Celebrate the First of September. What could it be? Let me think - how about a nice cup of candle!
This cup is very special.

I've got it as a gift on my baby shower. My best girlfriend organized my baby shower in a Tea Party Style and this tea cup, (Vintage, by the way) is my precious memory about that fun day. I kept it on the shelf the entire time, but few days ago while cleaning, I've had an idea.....

I had a few bad candles in my pantry, I call "bad" any candle that drips badly while burning, these candles were in two colors - red and white. They were slightly used, right before I've discovered they were bad:)
I've decided to melt those two candles down to create a brand "new" candle.

To see the detailed process, please see my previous post

As you can see, I am reusing the wick from my long red candle and I am using a soda can tab for the candle tab.

During... (It took 2 long red candles and tree short white candles to melt down and fill up this cup)

Both of my candles had very lovely smells: white ones were vanilla and red ones were cranberry, while melting they've created their own nice blend - perfect for Autumn

I am awaiting to receive my bookmark and a tea bag from The Swap, to complete the picture and celebrate the season:)

Have a great day!


  1. ...and now you can put it somewhere new and enjoy it's warm glow! Great idea :)

  2. This is a great idea and it looks lovely.