Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Studying Seasons with Juice Boxes

In my post on September 1st, Celebrating the First Day of Autumn I have mentioned that we are doing study on full Seasons. Here is the full report.
I am drawn to Eco-Crafts and Recycling lately for two reason, first of all they are Earth Friendly and the second reason - materials don't cost you anything (No Money Spend rule), and this project on Seasons fits right in this category.
Juices in a box - one of the most convenient creation ever, you can take them with you, they are perfect on a road and they are...... beautiful.....

I have used these juice boxes in my previous project called "Emerald City" but they were covered with green craft paper, these time I am using them raw.

I cut out random shapes of leaves and sort them by color, by the way, I have never realized that inside of the juice box lined with the most beautiful silver color. Please, see "Winter" image.
I started by cutting identical tree trunk for all four seasons. I glued them on a black background (which is a backing from a fabric sample from my old wallpaper book) and then let my daughter take over.
Then we discussed the main parts of the tree (the anatomy), how leaves grow, colors of the seasons and what each season brings us.





(Our winter Season is whimsical - the silver color was so hard to resist, that's why our winter tree has leaves, but they are covered with snow - crumbled Styrofoam )

I really liked my daughter's effort: the leaves were pretty small and after few applications of glue, fingers got pretty sticky, but she was able to master it pretty well.

Looking at the final set of pictures you can see which one was the first (the messiest), and how much better she's got at the end (the neatest). We've had a lot fun doing this project and we hope it will trigger your imagination as well.


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