Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spooky Fold-out Village Tutorial

This project solidly based on my previous post called "Lacing Toy". I am using the same technique but in a different application.
Materials needed: cardboard (I've used old boxes),

strings to tie pieces together (I've used strips that I cut from an old old black T-shirt),

orange, black and yellow paint, and purple glitter glue. Single hole puncher.

Cut down your boxes -you will use front and back pieces.

Punch holes making sure they line up on both ends of the box and paint all pieces orange. I've used interior latex paint (my leftover from my Faux Finish past)

While your paint is drying - get your lacing strings ready - run your nail through the middle of every strip stretching at the same time - your strip will curl both ends in and will look very nice and creepy:)

After your paint is dry lace your pieces together and sketch the images of your Spooky village

Time to work with paint. Fill in the images with black paint, full Moon is yellow, clouds are black with a coat of Purple glitter to add some "mysterious" glow:) Then I dipped my finger in purple glitter and went through the sky dabbing - creating "the night look". (Unfortunately you can see my purple glitter as muddy spots on a picture but in real life it looks very pretty)

Here you have it! Your spooky village that you fold out and store easily. My piece is 36" long but you can make it longer or shorter - that's the beauty of the lacing option

and when the Moon is up villagers enjoying it as well

Happy Halloween with a recycling twist and the best part - No Money Spend!


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