Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do you like Cardboard? Halloween Garland Tutorial

I love cardboard! It is free (how many packages we receive and we send to recycle?!) and it has a fabulous texture. I've used it on my last ATC "Iris" and now I am ready to use it again for my Halloween Decor.
Let's go!
We need cardboard, black and orange acrylic paints, free printable letters you can find here, and how-to on strings here

Here it is - a beautiful piece of cardboard

Your goal is to "open" it and expose the hidden texture

Now you are ready to paint. First in Black

and after it's dry, add some orange paint working across the rims using dry-brush technique

Now, the fun part. Cut you cardboard in pieces large enough to display your printed letters and punch two holes for the string. Note: Each letter comes in 8"x10" size but you can resize it to the size that is working for you.

Feed the string through and you are done!

It may be considered as a last minute Halloween project:)

Have a great day!


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