Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Plush for Halloween

We added a new team member to Our Not-So-Scary Halloween Crowd. Meet out new Monster.
This Monster had been carefully designed by a very highly trained designer.

All color combinations have evaluated and tested many many times before the final decision has been made.

Here it is: His name is Retsnom (Monster backwards:) but sounds very Monsterish....) and he is a boy monster.

Despite his look, Retsnom has a very warm and fuzzy personality. He is very playful and he likes to tickle a lot. His favorite movie - "Monsters Inc" but after the movie he feels a little lonely..... I guess he needs a little company..... We'll see...

Have a great day


  1. We love making names by spelling things backwards at our house. Our son Mason plays a character online named Nosami. Got to add the i on the end for a little flare. Both the monsters are great. I started using zippers for mouths on a few of mine. Made a nice pocket to store secrets inside.

  2. Hi, Rochelle. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for a great tip - using zippers for mouths sounds really fun.