Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scratching Technique or Working on Halloween Decorations

I've decided to practice a scratching technique with my 3 year-old and her 2 best friends, who are 6 years old. The idea came when I saw one of my scratching board pieces, that I've done 10 years ago - just for fun. I thought it could be fun to do, plus the occasion is perfect - creating Halloween Decor. My young team was ready to go. I've used regular milk boxes. We painted all boxes the night before using black acrylic paint.
Next morning we were ready to go. Each kid received a painted black box and a bamboo skewer stick - that's it. You should see their faces when they saw how one scratch taking black paint off and reveling the colors underneath! I showed them how to scratch the spider web and then they took off.
Then we added roofs with some dry moss and ghosts (mailing pop corn). I've used hot glue gun and took care of that part.

Here is an example of their work

Brandon S. 6 years old

Dina D. 6 years old

Helpful tip: Paint has to be completely dry but don't wait more than 12 hours to start your project - the more paint cures the harder it will be to scratch

Have fun!


  1. Oh so cute! Boy you are a crafty gal! Lucky kids:)

  2. Hi, Cameron. Thanks for visiting. Always happy to read your comments