Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Zoe

Zoe is a virtual dress-up doll and during 13 nights before Halloween she will try to decide what costume to wear, and she will be trying new costume every day. You can follow this link and enjoy a wonderful creation of Jenny B. Harris, illustrator and designer, which I admire so much.

But when I saw Zoe, I started to laugh because we are having another "Zoe" in our house. My daughter is trying out new outfits for Halloween every day but she is having a hard time to decide what to wear. Here is a little journal of her "struggle".

Last year Princess too small:(

May be a Witch Costume from last year?

May be Marry Antoinette black wig? "Hello! Versailles?

May be a Sailor?

May be a Pirate but glamorous

May be just glamorous?

May be just silly?

I hope this virtual Zoe will redirect my little "Zoe's" energy into virtual dress-up. At least I am willing to try:)

Have a great day and I hope your costume decisions will be less painful:))

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