Sunday, October 31, 2010

The adventures of Raggedy Ann

Hello everyone. If you ended up with the same amount of candies as we did then you are very well set till the next Halloween:)
I've never seen as many Tick-0r-Treaters in my life as I've seen today! The army of adorable Fairies, Black Ninjas, Supper Heroes and Pink Princesses came to our front door. Half way through, I've started to get a creepy feeling that we may run out of candies but we barely made with 12 (twelve) pounds of sweets!!! My little one, who after a month-long struggle finally made a decision on her costume -

A Raggedy Ann

(I think make-up became a key factor in this decision),
took this Trick-or-Treat very seriously and brought home a ton of candies... What do you do with all these sweets?
We never have candies at home - only fruits and frozen juice, and now we have this much! Oh, my! But I can't complaint - from my daughter's daycare Halloween Party to our block party - - it was a lot of fun!
Now we can clean up and get ready for Thanksgiving - one of my favorite holidays!
I hope your Halloween has been a lot of fun as well.
Have a great day!


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