Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spooky Pumpkins

It seems to me that one old black T-shirt can go a very long way. I've used it for my Halloween garland Project, Halloween Backdrop Decoration, to hang my Halloween Garland for Outdoors (coming up) and now I am using T-shirt sleeves to make some Spooky Halloween Pumpkins.
Here is what you need to create one pumpkin

T-shirt Sleeve

Cut the rounded part off to make more of a rectangular piece

Hand stitch one end together

Stuff with plastic bags

Now hand stitch the top portion together

Now, you are ready to paint. I am using interior paint that I had as leftover from my previous Faux finishing project, but I am sure you can use any other paint.

We were very generous with our paint, but you can use as much or as little as you want to, because during this phase you are creating the "look"

Let your pumpkins dry for at least 24 hours - fabric soaked in paint dries slow....

Now you can cover the top and bottom on the pumpkins with olive green fabric - in my case, corduroy pieces, but you can use craft felt.

Note: I was trying to create some ribs on pumpkins using heavy black thread, but I didn't like that look - may be because the fabric was too stiff after being treated with paint and ribs just didn't look right....

To create the pumpkin stem - I've rolled up the fabric and glue the end using hot glue gun, then I cut one end of that roll at 45 degrees and attached that end to the pumpkin with hot glue again.

Here we go! All set and done.

Another decoration for Halloween and the best part - No Money Spend!

Have a great day!

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