Friday, June 4, 2010

New apron from an old favorite dress

Oh, I miss my blogging sooooo much. My dear computer had been ill and went through so many procedures but now we are celebrating its full recovery and I am celebrating my return to blogging. Despite the fact that my favorite PC didn’t feel so well, our life didn’t stop and our projects are happily piling up for new announcementsJ I guess we will be able to do 365 DIY projects without any $$$ spent.

I have never considered myself a sentimental person but I guess I am. This cute dress had been given to my daughter on her second Christmas by my best friend, and guess what, I couldn’t donate the dress, I couldn’t give to anyone, I wanted to keep it , because I still have good memories about that Christmas and the good times that we shared. OK, I am sentimental….. I couldn’t put in a garage in a pile of OTHER stuff, I wanted to use it, or should I say, re-use it? Upcycling is the wordJ

What should I do with it? Let’s think…..

Few cuts

.... and tah - dah!

New apron is ready!

I am pretty happy with my results: first of all it is a very practical thing and we can use it for few years fro sure, but I was also been able to use old pillow case as a liner for this apron, white ribbons are from recent gifts we received and I still have some fabric left for few more projects to do. The best part of it - money spent? - None.

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