Friday, June 4, 2010

Dress and apron from an old bed sheet

I love Shabby Chic style a lot and lately I found this old bed sheet, not even a bed sheet any more just what is left of it. I've used it to create a crib bedding when my daughter was born and this lonely piece of fabric was sitting on a shelf for almost three years since that, I guess it's time to use it!
I love this fabric a lot.

I've decided to go with a pillow case style dress (because it's supper easy)

and an apron.

I still have a tine piece of fabric left and I'll use it as well. I just have to think about it. It's a size of a handkerchief. Any ideas?


  1. This is darling! You can use the left-over fabric to make a pillow case (use this for the front and use another kind of fabric for the back) or make a little pouch :)

  2. Make into a bonnet for her baby dolls that she can use as a hanky when she marries! Here's a tutorial: