Monday, June 7, 2010

My daughter loves Oswald - Toy tutorial

My daughter loves Oswald, that is a great show on Nick.Jr channel, but toys with characters from that show are so hard to find, so with her Birthday coming up, I've decided to create two characters for her - Oswald and his dog Weennie.
I couldn't use any patterns because I couldn't find any on the Internet (and that is unusual), so I went on my own.
Let's start with Oswald!
This is the bottom of Oswald
Then you will need 8 plus 5 pieces of same size for legs and body

and width

Start with the legs - you'll use 8 pieces. Fold them in a half, length wise - it will give you a nice

I stuffed them with old plastic bags and added some chenille stems for an ability to bend.
Then work on the body - you''ll use the remaining 5 pieces. You'll sew them together along long sides -you'll get a hat time shape. I stuffed Oswald's body with pillow stuffing, because I wanted weight and stability.

Now it's time for finishing touches: eyes, mouth and black hat. You've got Oswald:)

I think Oswald is getting a good care at our home:)
Talk to you soon!