Friday, June 11, 2010

Shaun the Sheep - Toy Tutorial

Another character from the cartoon that is our family favorite - Shaun the Sheep.
We all love Shaun who is the leader of the squad, so let's make one.
(This is the most detailed tutorial that I've ever done)

Yarn (In my project, I am using 99 cents Store find – white yarn)
2 black chenille stems
2 wiggle eyes
Black Felt (you don’t need a lot, so any leftovers are welcome)
Felt Paint in Red
Costume and Mask Glue

Step 1

You will need to trace two larger circles on a cardboard, of if the cardboard allows you to be folded in a half, then fold it and trace only one.

As you can see I am using a regular glass

Step 2

Now, in the middle of the larger circle, you’ll need to trace a smaller circle

I am using a bottle water cap

Step 3

When you are done tracing - it should look like that.

Step 4

Cut the donut shapes out. You’ll get two pieces looking like that.

Step 5

Wrap it up! Put two cardvoard pieces together. Starting from the outside edge and going in and around, start wrapping the donut by using long pieces of yarn. It is a lengthy part of the project, so pick a good movie or show on TV and take it away!

Step 6

When the middle opening of the donut will become very small insert two chenille stems
Step 7
continue wrapping the yarn (using large craft needle, in order to go through the center) until the center is completely covered
Step 8

Let the magic begin! You need to start cutting along the outside edge in order to get to the cardboard.

Step 9

As soon as you’ve been able to expose some of the cardboard, insert your scissors between two pieces and keep cutting along the outside edge.

Step 10
When you are done it should look like this
Step 11

Tie the middle part very tightly in order to hold your pom pom together.

Step 12

Remove the cardboard pieces

Step 13
My favorite part - get the fruit of your labor
Bend chenille stems in order to create any shape of legs that you may like
Step 14

Let’s make a head.
I am using leftover piece of black felt . Folded in a half, it measures about 2”
Step 15

Cut the pear shape.

Step 16

Glue two pieces together and set aside to dry
Step 17

Let’s make ears.
In my case, I am using leftover piece of felt.
I cut out two pieces 1 ¼” long and ¾” wide in a leaf like pattern, with wider base.

Step 18

Apply a small drop of glue to the center of the wide base.
Step 19
Press them together by using alligator clips and set aside to dry.
Step 20
Let’s play with eyes.
It is amazing how many face expressions you can create by moving eyes around. Have fun!
After you have settled on a certain face expression, glue wiggle eyes to the head and set aside to dry.
Step 21

Let’s work on hair style
Using white yarn, I’ve created few loops around the forehead, secure each loop with a tight knot.

Step 22
Cut each loop in the middle.
Step 23
Fluff it up and trim side pieces in order to get nice rounded look.

Step 24

Glue ears to the head.
Step 25

Let’s draw a mouth.
My paint was very thick, so I’ve put a little drop

Step 26

and then using a tooth pick created pillow lips with adorable smile.

Step 27

Attach head to the body.

Step 28
Put a generous amount of glue where the head you think should be and press them together. Let the glue dry.
Step 29
Here is your new fuzzy friend! The weekend is ahead of you and depending on how busy you are, you can easily make Shaun or the whole squad:) Have a nice weekend!


  1. What a cute tutorial! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog with such sweet comments :)

    Sandy xox