Monday, June 28, 2010

Name Tag or Place Card?

In my previous post "Napkin Ring Ocean Inspired" you could see a tag attached to the ring with the name of the person. Let that person be Captain Jack, since everything is ocean inspired and yes, I do love Pirates of the Caribbean.

Let's make it!
Materials needed: brown paper bag, paper puncher in desired shape, single hole puncher and a jute rope. Starfish stamp is optional.

Fearlessly punch out as many tags as you can out of your brown shopping bag, making sure you are selecting non wrinkled spots.

Punch single hole in every tag, decorate with stamp of your choice or leave it as it is, let the ink dry. Tie the rope and you are done!
Easy breezy! You can use as place card if you'll tie it to a napkin ring, or as a name tag if it will be placed around button or you can use it however you want and write whatever you want, the most important part is to have fun, right?

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