Friday, June 4, 2010

Caterpillar from egg packaging

This is a ten minute project.

You’ll need Styrofoam egg packaging, bottom part folded in a half.

Chenille stems in assorted colors for legs and antennas

Wiggle eyes

Different color pens

Scotch tape

Double sided Scotch tape

Cut out felt shapes for decorations (optional)

This is the easiest project of all. My daughter lately into bugs and their habits, so when I was making us breakfast we were talking about caterpillars and I was holding an egg packaging…… Well, ten minutes later we had a caterpillar.

Cut of the top of the packaging. Fold the bottom part in a half. Cut chenille stems in a half and create as many legs as you want. Feed them through the package to create legs and antennas and secure with Scotch tape. Close two parts together and use a Scotch tape again (see the picture)

Using double sided Scotch Tape attach wiggle eyes. Draw the rest of the face. Decorate the rop of your Caterpillar and you are done!

Have fun!