Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girlie Girl Necklace out of tights

My daughter, who is not even 3 yet into necklaces, purses and hats. I was looking through craft magazines at a bookstore (my usual thing) and found an interesting idea: necklace out of silk scarf. Well that project required sewing and etc. I don't have that much time:( So.... Let's make similar necklace from nylon tights! No sewing what so ever! Fast and effective - as I like it!

You'll need nylon tights in any color. I am using tight for 18-24 months kids in red.
8 beads 1/2" in diameter and 1 center one3/4" in diameter (I am using a bouncy ball as a center piece and 8 mismatch color beads from my daughter's old ponytail things

Let's begin.
Cut off the leg portion of the tights you are working with.

Tie a knot leaving some room at the end.

Insert a 1/2" bead. Tie the knot again.

That's the main idea - each bead will be separated by a knot .

In my case, I've used nine beads. When you are done with the last one, tie the last knot to secure the final bead and tie the leg piece filled with beads to another leg piece creating a bow. Do the same on the other side of your necklace. Trim extras to create a flower effect.
You are done!

I guess. I've got my daughter's approval - she seems to like it!

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