Sunday, December 5, 2010

Soda Can Ornaments

What CAN be easier? These ornaments are fun and fast to make, and they cost you almost nothing.

You will need one soda can, in this case it doesn't matter if it is regular or diet (ha ha ha)

Start by dissecting your soda can like so

I don't have craft scissors but my heavy duty kitchen scissors work just fine

Split your can body like that

Then across, like you see on this picture

Now create your petals

Pinch each petal in the middle of the wider end

Using top and bottom of your can as two bases attach your petals using Gorilla Glue

Two ornaments out of one soda can - how cool is that?!

Let the glue dry and then spray paint front and back of your ornaments

It looks pretty already doesn't it? You can stop here if you like this result or you can continue with me.
When your paint is dry apply Gorilla Glue to the center of the flower
and sprinkle some gold beads

Let it dry again. Then outline the edges of the petals with glitter glue and sprinkle with gold glitter
I am using

Shake off excess glitter

and there you have it - your beautiful Christmas Tree ornament

Have a great day and stress free season.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love how these turned out. The gold really makes the flower pop. Thank you for linking up to Homemade Christmas!