Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cup full of Thanks

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving in a large gathering of 35-45 people at my friend's house. Everything is done in a potluck style: great food and great recipes always. We do it for ten years now and I think I call it a tradition by now, another tradition that we practice for this gathering is saying a grace before and after the meal, but this year I've decided to add something new to this tradition: we are going to have a Cup Full of Thanks .....

I found beautiful FREE Thanksgiving printables HERE . On each piece inside, I've printed in large font some simple things that we use or see but forgetting to acknowledge sometimes.

Each guest will pass the cup filled with messages to each other, pull one and read it loudly starting with the phrase "I am thankful for..." and then read what's inside. Things I've included are for example humor, beautiful flowers, GPS, WiFI, Facebook, Sunsets, cell phones, movies in 3D and etc. You've got the point. I think it could be a fun, will see!

There is always a place for a new tradition, right?

What are you doing to make your Thanksgiving even more fun?
I'd love to hear it!

I hope you'll have a great day

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