Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces Part 3

I've learned really well over the past few months that for everything planned there is a big force of unplanned that could overpower your agenda. That's what happened to me. All my planned have been postponed for a week and that's life
Now back to catching up (smile)
If you are like me and have something like this - mismatched family treasures

and something like this - an old framed poster (I happen to have two)

You may very well be interested in combining these two items in order to create something new. Take a look!
First you need to remove your framed "art" and get yourself a frame.

I have used my old "art" piece as a template for the new cardboard backing for my new creation

Then I've added some burlap to the cardboard using hot glue to create the background. I've cut up a piece of burlap slightly larger than the piece of cardboard in order to stretch and line-up while working with hot glue.

When everything has been glued and set - I've trimmed the extra fabric. Put your cardboard/burlap creation back in the frame and using the same hot glue attach your objects (spoons) in some sort of pattern. Note: hot glue can be easily removed from the spoon by placing the spoon in a hot water (just in case if you are afraid that this application can damage your collection)

Tah Dah!

I think it works really well for some trendy Homey Touches. I hope you will try it - it is really easy.

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